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In these times of uncertainty & isolation this course leads you to the next best action to take to manifest what you want in your life.

Jenna Dukehart

Certified QSCA Coach

Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach

What Our Students Have to Say

I enjoyed Jenna's course. She spoke slowly and distinctly and backed up every session with examples from her own personal experiences. I felt I was getting a one on one personal coaching session. The sessions were presented in a very professional way with a little humor. Great photos that related. 5 STARS.
From Colorado, USA
This course really helped lift me out of a stuck place I was in in my life. It is easy to understand and follow and progresses at a doable pace. For not a lot of effort I was able to see and feel significant changes in my energy, mood, and life path. It helped me create and focus on the feelings and ways of being that I wanted instead of circling in my past habits. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is craving change or is wanting to grow and understand their feelings, intentions, and actions on a deeper level.
From North Carolina
After completing this course I began to shed the unwanted and open myself to a world of magic. I really don’t know how all the magic starting appearing and how events fell into place but by taking each course step by step I was able to complete the simple exercises and hone in on what it is that I really want. Surprisingly most of what I wanted was peace and connection without any hard efforts. This is exactly what I have received from the days to follow this course. Answers to health problems found their way to me unexpectedly relieving me of painful heartburn and indigestion. Now I’m feeling light and my stomach has no pains. Business and clients I’ve been dreaming of working with for years have found their way to me without any effort whatsoever. My time with my children has been more heart centered and filled with all kinds of goofball moments. I feel like my life has done a 180 in just a week! Thanks Jenna for such a clear and easy to follow course. I’ll be watching it again whenever I feel stuck.
From Alaska
I have been seeking concrete ways to live and focus my energy in the present moment. Jenna‘s class gave me specific tools, materials and steps to help me do just that. The question of what I truly wanted in life and how to get there had been elusive to me. After the first two steps realizing what I don’t want helped me understand what I do want was an epiphany. Upon completing the daily sheet, Everything changed: felt a direction, was calmer, Clearer, more confident and anticipating the magic. If you are ready as Jenna says, “come home to your best self” then I highly recommend this course. Jenna teaches step by step instructions with personality, a giggle and extremely helpful materials to just that.
From Alaska